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STS News: Sandbox Pitch

When we learned of the Merrimack Valley Sandbox, we couldn’t help but to jump in and play.  It’s an organization that really helps entrepreneurs, especially those in the beginning stages, jump start their ideas and business.  Style This Shindig was one of the 8 participants out of 64 who were chosen to present at the Creative Economy Pitch contest for cash prizes.


While prepping for the pitch, it wasn’t hard to notice how connections make a huge difference when we work on a project.  Starting a business is a big one!  That’s why we feel that pulling people in with you is key.  It’s an important part of the creative process.  Often times we suck it up do things alone.  And sometimes we just don’t know how to reach out, especially as artists.  It’s less lonely to not work in isolation.


Seven participants were chosen in advance to present in front of a group of around 100 people.  Michelle Grewal, from Invite Dazzle had a table at the pitch event but little did she know that she’d be the 8th presenter.  She did such a great job presenting given the circumstance.  She was the 8th presenter whose name was chosen out of a hat that very night.  Other entrepreneurs were invited to have a table to pitch their ideas.  Did we have a great time learning what others do?  You bet!


Les Jus Beverage.  Light and natural tasting juice.


My Crowning Jewel.  Adorn your head with their collection of head wrap!


MHM Printmaking Studio. UPDATE: They took home the first prize at the second SandBox Pitch!!!  Amazing!

Congratulations to the winners and presenters of Creative Economy Pitch Contest!

They are: Veronica Chapman – My Crowning Jewel – 1st place, Marquis Victor- Elevated Thought Foundation – 2nd place and fan fave, Diane DeMarco – The Cupcakory – 3rd place, Invite DazzleNew VesturesLes Jus Beverage, and Mill City Glassworks.


Before the contest, we asked our fans on Facebook to help us design a floral piece for our pitch table.  Our fan chose the pear and tulips as the design elements and we came up with this.  Note, if you decide to create an arrangement with fruits, just remember that while ethelyne gas – the ripening gas from fruits, can ripen your avocado to creamy softness, it damages the flowers faster.  Therefore these types of arrangements can’t be kept for too long.

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Sports theme baby shower

When a couple found out that they were expecting, we could imagine their range of emotions!  Excitement, fear, joy, love, and baby shower!!

The expectant parents were armed with two requirements when they came to us for help.  They brought with them their color palettes and their theme.  Good enough, yeah?  Do you know of any sports team with a color palette of baby blue, mint, and white?  Being that we aren’t huge sports fans, we don’t.

We created the following decor pieces and pulled together a sports theme for the baby shower.

Fringe Foam Core Megaphone

What screams sports like a cheerleader’s megaphone?!

Simple Fringe Backdrop

A smile booth for guests to snap photos.

Smile Booth Props

Smile booth props.  Custom made foam finger.

~ enjoy!

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