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Styling: Roaring 20s Inspired

Have you seen the 2013 version of the Great Gatsby?  We’ve finally watched it when it came out on DVD.  That’s when we drooled over the set, the flowers, the mansions, and the costume designs.  The movie served eye candy that we couldn’t get enough of and we didn’t try to say no.  It captured all the feelings we had about the roaring 20s.

When we think of that era, some of the things that come to mind are wealth, extravagance, and over indulgence.  Leveraging these inspiration, we designed and styled a set.  When inspiration hits, everything just flows smoothly.

Styling and Blooms: Style This Shindig; Photography: Sitha Vorn PhotographyWe love the details here.  The side table is our interpretation of Art Deco design.  The hourglass represents waiting, waiting for the past to align with the present.  Will that ever happen?

Styling and Blooms: Style This Shindig; Photography: Sitha VornThe dark and rich blooms represent depth and complexity.  Something we feel when we think of Daisy Buchanan and her love triangle.  Can you picture this as a wedding bouquet?

Styling and Blooms: Style This Shindig; Photography: Sitha Vorn

All of this wouldn’t be possible without help.

Together with Sitha Vorn, our Style This Shindig team, and Lowell’s United Teen Equality Center (UTEC), we had a chance to capture this inspiration.

Styling and floral design: Style This Shindig; Photography: Sitha Vorn

Sitha Vorn is our talented photographer who has a keen sense of style.  She always captures the vision we’re looking for.  It’s no wonder we love working with her.

IMG_8635 copy

UTEC has a special home.  We’re so pleased we get to utilize their function space because it’s housed in a LEED certified building.  They are currently ramping up their facilities rental program as part of their social enterprise efforts, which support youth programming.  All of their events are staffed by youth participating in our culinary and building trades programs.  Anyone interested in more information should email Keelyn Sebeny at

When you think of the Roaring 20s, what comes to mind?


Prop styling and floral design: Style This Shindig

Makeup, hair, photography: Sitha Vorn

Location: United Teen Equality Center (UTEC)

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