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Market Blooms: Valentines Day Edition

Oh, that’s right.  How could we not acknowledge Valentines Day – one of the biggest holidays that involves flowers!  We have to let you in on a little secret.  We’re not a big fan of this holiday.  It’s become a holiday for lovers where sometimes we go overboard measuring our self worth by the amount of gifts we receive or don’t receive.  Even worse the gifts we receive is a measurement of how much our significant others love us.  Ick!  But let’s leave this topic for a whole other blog.

Market Blooms series - V-day gram,

We can’t rule out showing our thoughts, love, and kindness towards one another though.  It’s the perfect day for it (just don’t go measuring yourself).  So how can one show their thoughtfulness towards another person for this Valentines Day?  In today’s Market Blooms series, we want to help you make a stem of flowers go a long way, literally.

Inspired by the V-day gram** and the April Fools prank*, we thought, hey, why not make another person’s day a bit brighter!  Go ahead, we’ll wait for you to finish rolling your eyes.  :).  Look, you get to make your thoughtfulness go viral.

Identify who makes a difference in your day, your work, or your life.  To this person, pass along a stem of flowers with a note attached.  The message should just show them that somewhere, at some point, you appreciate their existence.  When you leave the note on their desk, don’t get caught.

This idea could work well in your workplace, school, or heck, if you can’t do it secretly, then pass it along to a stranger.  Make them smile.

For this project, you’ll need:

Market Blooms series - V-day gram,

  • 1 Stem of flower (we chose a hardy one, the carnations), from your local market.
  • Ribbons, any color, or skip it completely.
  • A tag – or simply cut them out from a piece of paper.  Don’t skip this item.  You’ll need to write a message.
  • A pen (not shown).

Market Blooms series - V-day gram,

When you write your note, it should be thoughtful, but generic enough that the next person could continue to pass it along.  So don’t forget to include, “pass it along” in that message.  Give them a chance to pay it forward.  Above, we wrote it on the other side of the tag.

Keep the rest of the bouquet for yourself or make plenty more of these to pass along.  We hope you like it!

Market Blooms series - V-day gram,

How are you planning to share your thoughtfulness?


* Long before we broke out into design, we meddled in what was the corporate world where everyone had a computer, used a mouse to move their pointers, and typed on keyboards.  Do people still do these things?  Every April Fools day we pull a prank.  Simply place a sticky note underneath a computer mouse.  This causes it to “malfunction” (not really), the sensor can’t sense anything (it works perfectly well with a roller mouse).  By the time the person figures it out, they’ll find the sticky note that instructs them to pass it along to the next person, without getting caught.  Yes, it’s a chain prank.

** Back in high school, the International Club that we were a part of runs a fundraiser called the Valentines Day Gram.  Students buy carnations for a buck and get it sent to their significant other, their crushes, or their group of friends.  We can imagine how sweet it is to receive one.  Somewhere, at some point, someone is thinking of us.  Isn’t that special?

EDIT: Today Style This Shindig turns 1!  We’re super excited to share this with you.

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