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Happy Shindig 2014

Happy new year! Did you have a good celebration? Are you recovering well? You know, getting the rest you need to feel pumped for the new year? Well hopefully you answered, yes, yes, and yes.

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The beginning of the year is a hopeful time of year. Because we tend to make a decision to improve something or other with ourselves. At the very least we have intentions, if not an entire strategy, to edit aspects of our lives that we don’t like. If you’re one of those without a thing to improve or to change, well lucky you! Could we hang around you? Seriously!

For the rest of us, whatever your plans or intentions are, you have our backing 100%. Before you go a little wild with your new year resolutions, here’s something to think about: A Ted Talk by David Steindl-Rast.  He talks about the secret to being happy.  That’s gratefulness.  It’s an inspiring talk that got us thinking about all the things we have already.  While we focus on changing the things we don’t like about ourselves, let’s look back at all the things that we’re super pleased with.

Looking into the new year.  2014.  Style This Shindig.

Being grateful for family, for another birthday, for another anniversary, for deepened relationships, and for good health (hence another birthday and another anniversary) is what makes us happy.  These are all the reasons to celebrate, don’t you think? It’s really about showing how grateful and pleased we are with life.  Right?!

Here at Style This Shindig, we strive to embrace  all that we have in life, all the people we love, and all the stories we create in the moments that we’ve been given.  We’re all about visually capturing and retelling stories.  It’s why we LOVE to style events and help you style yours!

Gold rimmed champagne glass, Style This Shindig

Whether you’re retelling a special story, standing up for a just cause, celebrating a special moment (a born day, a wedding, a union, a still-in-love-with-each-other-day), or simply being present, let us be your cheerleader.  You know, help you celebrate, in style!

On this blog, this year, you’ll find wedding decor how-to’s, event styling ideas, kid’s party ideas, floral how-to’s (of course!) and a whole lot more.  We hope you’ll find the thoughts, tips, and ideas helpful as you plan your next event.  Can’t visit the blog often?  Sign up for email and you’ll get the info delivered to your inbox.

Happy New Year Banner (Meri Meri), Style This Shindig

Won’t you come along for this ride, this adventure?  Let’s look ahead into the party future together!  It’d be more fun!

Tell us, what events or parties are you planning this year?


P.S. If reading blog articles isn’t your style and you still want doses of inspiration, find us on Instagram.  It’s an intimate space.  We tweet.  We pin.  You’re awesome!

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Styling: Great Gatsby Inspired Birthday Party

Don’t you think that every single child deserves a wonderful birthday celebration?  We’d like to think so.

When a mom approached us to help create a special birthday for her 6 year old daughter, we couldn’t say no.  She wanted to add a touch of pretty to the theme.

We were wide eyed with excitement because of course it would be a fun party to style!  For this crafty mom and her daughter, this was a wonderful birthday celebration.

Photography: Sitha Vorn

Styling: Style This Shindig; Photography: Sitha Vorn

Styling: Style This Shindig; Photography: Sitha Vorn

Styling: Style This Shindig; Photography: Sitha Vorn

We feature a simple black and white background.  The gold and pink just pops right out.  The candy bar is super fun to style.  Did you know that you can get any bar cart and spray paint it into any color you desire?  Yes you can.  That’s what we did to highlight this element.

Styling: Style This Shindig; Photography: Sitha Vorn

Just a simple dessert arrangement.  What makes this scene is the frame gallery wall.

Styling: Style This Shindig; Photography: Sitha Vorn

What’s a party without photo props?

(If you follow our blog, do you recognize our mommy on the right?)


How will you create a wonderful party for yourself or a love one?


Event styling/design: Style This Shindig

Photography: Sitha Vorn

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{Styling} {Floral Design} Backdrops

Photos, people will always take photos at events says Captain Obvious!

If you score a wonderful venue for your wedding, photo backdrops wouldn’t be a challenge to spot.  Sometimes, you have to create that special photo spot for your guests.  You can have your stylist create a space that’s not only the designated photo backdrop but a spot that flows with the entire space.   It’s an element that can add to the event’s aesthetic for sure.

Styled backdrop - Stylist/Floral Designer: Style This Shindig; Photography: Sitha VornEvent stylists can create these backdrops to add to the decor of your event.  (You might have seen our model Linda in our previous post. =)).

Stylist/Floral Design: Style This Shindig; Photography: Sitha VornShowing off a simply styled prop.

Wearable Blooms: Stylist/Floral Design: Style This Shindig; Photography: Sitha Vorn

Floral design piece that adorns the hair.

Wearable Blooms - Stylist/Floral Design: Style This Shindig; Photography: Sitha VornAnd it could be used to dress your outfit.

Thanks to Sitha and Linda for all your help with this concept shoot.

~ Enjoy


Styling & Floral Design: Style This Shindig

Photography: Sitha Vorn

Model: Linda Moore

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{Styling} Special Occasions

You may or may not have a special event to host anytime soon.  But maybe you’re anxious about making that engagement proposal, that  anniversary dinner, or that sweet homecoming extra special.  All of these occasions warrant its own little touches and thoughtfulness.  One of the ways we can help is to design and style them.  It can range from simple to elaborate.  Wouldn’t it be nice to make that moment extra memorable for your loved one?

Picnic - Stylist/Floral Design: Style This Shindig, Photography: Sitha Vorn

From that casual-but-special picnic to that elaborate proposal dinner, adding a little style makes all the difference.

Picnic - Stylist/Floral Design: Style This Shindig; Photography: Sitha Vorn

Flowers add wonder to almost anything!

Picnic/Wedding: Stylist/Floral Designer: Style This Shindig; Photography: Sitha Vorn

Is there a special occasion that you wish you’d like some styling help?  We’d love to hear about it!

~ Enjoy!


Styling & Floral Design: Style This Shindig

Photography: Sitha Vorn

Model: Linda Moore

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Sports theme baby shower

When a couple found out that they were expecting, we could imagine their range of emotions!  Excitement, fear, joy, love, and baby shower!!

The expectant parents were armed with two requirements when they came to us for help.  They brought with them their color palettes and their theme.  Good enough, yeah?  Do you know of any sports team with a color palette of baby blue, mint, and white?  Being that we aren’t huge sports fans, we don’t.

We created the following decor pieces and pulled together a sports theme for the baby shower.

Fringe Foam Core Megaphone

What screams sports like a cheerleader’s megaphone?!

Simple Fringe Backdrop

A smile booth for guests to snap photos.

Smile Booth Props

Smile booth props.  Custom made foam finger.

~ enjoy!

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Vintage Tea Party Shoot

Warning, trick question approaching.  What should you do after you collect a set of vintage bone china tea cups?  Drink tea from it of course.  Perhaps throw a little tea shindig for a few special friends, especially for the ones who could appreciate these cups.  Here, inspired by tea and friends, we brought a mini garden tea party indoor.

Vintage Tea Tablescape

Vintage tea cup collection.


Don’t forget the blooms.


Oh your party will look to the indoor sky, so dress that chandelier up!


Here’s a little garden love.

The most fun we had at this shoot was when the guests arrived.  They were treated to some really tasty tea!

When was your last tea party?  Do you have a tea tradition to share?

~ enjoy!


Art direction (styling and floral design): Chhavy Sinuon

Photos: Sitha Vorn

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