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Market Blooms: Valentines Day Edition

Oh, that’s right.  How could we not acknowledge Valentines Day – one of the biggest holidays that involves flowers!  We have to let you in on a little secret.  We’re not a big fan of this holiday.  It’s become a holiday for lovers where sometimes we go overboard measuring our self worth by the amount of gifts we receive or don’t receive.  Even worse the gifts we receive is a measurement of how much our significant others love us.  Ick!  But let’s leave this topic for a whole other blog.

Market Blooms series - V-day gram, www.stylethisshindig.com

We can’t rule out showing our thoughts, love, and kindness towards one another though.  It’s the perfect day for it (just don’t go measuring yourself).  So how can one show their thoughtfulness towards another person for this Valentines Day?  In today’s Market Blooms series, we want to help you make a stem of flowers go a long way, literally.

Inspired by the V-day gram** and the April Fools prank*, we thought, hey, why not make another person’s day a bit brighter!  Go ahead, we’ll wait for you to finish rolling your eyes.  :).  Look, you get to make your thoughtfulness go viral.

Identify who makes a difference in your day, your work, or your life.  To this person, pass along a stem of flowers with a note attached.  The message should just show them that somewhere, at some point, you appreciate their existence.  When you leave the note on their desk, don’t get caught.

This idea could work well in your workplace, school, or heck, if you can’t do it secretly, then pass it along to a stranger.  Make them smile.

For this project, you’ll need:

Market Blooms series - V-day gram, www.stylethisshindig.com

  • 1 Stem of flower (we chose a hardy one, the carnations), from your local market.
  • Ribbons, any color, or skip it completely.
  • A tag – or simply cut them out from a piece of paper.  Don’t skip this item.  You’ll need to write a message.
  • A pen (not shown).

Market Blooms series - V-day gram, www.stylethisshindig.com

When you write your note, it should be thoughtful, but generic enough that the next person could continue to pass it along.  So don’t forget to include, “pass it along” in that message.  Give them a chance to pay it forward.  Above, we wrote it on the other side of the tag.

Keep the rest of the bouquet for yourself or make plenty more of these to pass along.  We hope you like it!

Market Blooms series - V-day gram, www.stylethisshindig.com

How are you planning to share your thoughtfulness?


* Long before we broke out into design, we meddled in what was the corporate world where everyone had a computer, used a mouse to move their pointers, and typed on keyboards.  Do people still do these things?  Every April Fools day we pull a prank.  Simply place a sticky note underneath a computer mouse.  This causes it to “malfunction” (not really), the sensor can’t sense anything (it works perfectly well with a roller mouse).  By the time the person figures it out, they’ll find the sticky note that instructs them to pass it along to the next person, without getting caught.  Yes, it’s a chain prank.

** Back in high school, the International Club that we were a part of runs a fundraiser called the Valentines Day Gram.  Students buy carnations for a buck and get it sent to their significant other, their crushes, or their group of friends.  We can imagine how sweet it is to receive one.  Somewhere, at some point, someone is thinking of us.  Isn’t that special?

EDIT: Today Style This Shindig turns 1!  We’re super excited to share this with you.

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Market Blooms: Flower art

We love flowers and that’s a big given.  From time to time, we treat ourselves by buying the blooms when we’re out grocery shopping.  Once unpacked, they instantly add life to a room.  Notice the immediate effect on your mood the next time you unpack your bouquet.

Whether you buy occasionally or weekly, we want to share some ideas through our Market Blooms series.  Sometimes plopping them into a container of water is all it takes.  But what if you wanted to shake things up a bit?  Well, you can!

The unfortunate thing is that life comes and goes.  Flowers, they bloom and wilt away.  So how do we preserve the prettiness of the blooms then?

Get out your camera and start snapping away.  Take pictures of your flowers.  Capture their living moments so you can enjoy them for a long long time.  Frame them to show off your floral arranging skills.  Or place them on a lonely wall.  Floral art for your space, look at that!

Market Blooms Series: Floral Art ranunculus - Style This Shindig

To get started, arrange the flower heads into something that looks good to you.  Play around with placement.  Snap the pictures when you’re happy with it.

Market Blooms Series: Floral Art ranunculus - Style This Shindig

When you can tell that the flowers have just a little bit of life left in them, get on it!

We’d love to see pictures of arrangements.  Hope you’d share!



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{Good to Know} Difference Between Event Stylist and Event Planner

Ever wondered what a wedding/event stylist does versus what a wedding/event planner does?  There may be a little overlap in what we do.  Both are significant.  Both will help you carry out successful events.  Both will make your life in hosting events easier.  Both will help you make a positive impact!  Both will make you look like the hostess with the mostest.  Both will make your event photos look good on Pinterest.  Both will help your photos get featured on wedding and event blogs!  It’s HOW we achieve the goals that are different.  But let’s look at the overlap first.


Some of the things we may do that overlap are:

  1. Venue suggestions
  2. Budget management (planners for the whole event, and stylists for the decor aspect).
  3. Rentals

Although there are overlaps in what we do, there are key differences.

blooms - floral design by style this shindig

Wedding/Event Stylist

Wedding and event stylists’ responsibilities are to create a positive impression, to stir up positive past memories, and to create a new memorable experience for guests and event go-ers through aesthetics.  Making visual impact is one of the goals of stylists.

Stylists meet with clients to go over all things aesthetically related such as theme, color story, interests, vision, and vibe.  We achieve the look by designing/crafting/using elements such as (Not an exhaustive list at all):

  1. Hand made props
  2. Backdrops
  3. Flowers
  4. Paper goods
  5. Rentals (chairs, linens, napkins, etc)
  6. Dessert table
  7. Photo booth props

We put together these elements to achieve the desired cohesive look and impact.

Wedding/Event Planner

Think of the wedding/event planner as the project manager.  Their responsibility is to accomplish a project at a set budget.  Throughout the cycle of the project, the project manager (PM) manages multiple teams, logistics, time, resources, human resources, and the budget.  They will always take into account the stakeholders, those interested and invested in the project.  Having had the opportunity to work with planners, we must say that they are so much more and can be so much more!

Much like a project manager, the event planner oversees the entire event.  He or she does the following to successfully carry out an event (not an exhaustive list whatsoever):

  1. Understands the client’s goals (hopes and dreams)
  2. Handles scheduling logistics
  3. Manages the budget
  4. Coordinates with vendors
  5. Handles contracts
  6. Provides a list of preferred vendors (i.e. Event stylist)
  7. Scouts venues

Wedding stylists and planners we may work together shoulder to shoulder.  After all, a stylist is a vendor that planners may go to for help in achieving the event goals.  If a client does not work with a planner, they may work with the stylist directly.

blooms - floral design by style this shindig

You see, we play different roles and we do different things.  But in the end, we work with clients, brides, and couples, to make their event, the most memorable ever!

* Disclosure, we are speaking from the point of view of event stylists.  Event planners, please feel free to add on.

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{Styling} Special Occasions

You may or may not have a special event to host anytime soon.  But maybe you’re anxious about making that engagement proposal, that  anniversary dinner, or that sweet homecoming extra special.  All of these occasions warrant its own little touches and thoughtfulness.  One of the ways we can help is to design and style them.  It can range from simple to elaborate.  Wouldn’t it be nice to make that moment extra memorable for your loved one?

Picnic - Stylist/Floral Design: Style This Shindig, Photography: Sitha Vorn

From that casual-but-special picnic to that elaborate proposal dinner, adding a little style makes all the difference.

Picnic - Stylist/Floral Design: Style This Shindig; Photography: Sitha Vorn

Flowers add wonder to almost anything!

Picnic/Wedding: Stylist/Floral Designer: Style This Shindig; Photography: Sitha Vorn

Is there a special occasion that you wish you’d like some styling help?  We’d love to hear about it!

~ Enjoy!


Styling & Floral Design: Style This Shindig

Photography: Sitha Vorn

Model: Linda Moore

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Vintage Tea Party Shoot

Warning, trick question approaching.  What should you do after you collect a set of vintage bone china tea cups?  Drink tea from it of course.  Perhaps throw a little tea shindig for a few special friends, especially for the ones who could appreciate these cups.  Here, inspired by tea and friends, we brought a mini garden tea party indoor.

Vintage Tea Tablescape

Vintage tea cup collection.


Don’t forget the blooms.


Oh your party will look to the indoor sky, so dress that chandelier up!


Here’s a little garden love.

The most fun we had at this shoot was when the guests arrived.  They were treated to some really tasty tea!

When was your last tea party?  Do you have a tea tradition to share?

~ enjoy!


Art direction (styling and floral design): Chhavy Sinuon

Photos: Sitha Vorn

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